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Street Sweeping in Fresno CA is one method by which streets improve the quality of life for everyone. Our fleet of street sweepers, operated by approved full-time motor sweeper operators, is the most well-known of our cleaning efforts. CCS77 can clean up the streets, keep garbage out of our rivers and oceans, and avoid local floods caused by clogged storm drains. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s financial crisis and the eventual results of a statewide hiring freeze, we must reduce the frequency of street sweeping.

Street Sweeping in Fresno CA

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With our spring clean-up program, the City takes a balanced approach to ensuring community safety and environmental issues. Sweeping minimize water pollution by avoiding sanding material runoff into our stormwater system and air pollution. Clean surfaces also allow residents to utilize infrastructure more freely and comply with social distancing norms. The Street Sweeping in Fresno CA program cleans nearly 16,000 lanes of paved roads, and completing the task is a joint effort between the town and you.

Every spring and autumn, we sweep the streets from curb to curb. By learning the laws, you can avoid a citation or two and help us do a good job. We sweep away garbage, debris, and sand from winter road maintenance in the spring. We clean up trash and leaves in the fall. Sweeping the streets contributes to the cleanliness of our neighborhood.


Street sweeping helps to avoid storm water contamination.

It keeps undesirable items from entering storm drains.

It also helps to keep job sites clean and safe.

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By maintaining paths clear of parked automobiles, our sweepers can reach the curb, where waste accumulates, making our streets safer, more mobile, and more sustainable. Please visit our Department of Street Sweeping in Fresno, CA, for further information. book an appointment today with us and get your property inspected by Commercial Cleaning Services

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